Consulting is about knowing, gathering and exchanging information; in order to bring people and entities together. This requires an investigative ability; of experience and competence. Incontrovertibly research and writing entails this task; and necessitates a background in fact finding.

With any project, plan or agreement, the fact specific writing detailing all accounts, ensures that, all partiesí interest, is not only stated, but protected. This being said, let us Connect The Dots for you; and any parties you seek amicable relationships with.

Have you ever had an idea in mind, but just couldn't "Put Pen to Paper", or make sense of the whole concept? Have you ever needed to communicate with someone for a variety of reasons, but drew a blank when it's time to start writing? Have you ever needed to implement a policy to regulate the conduct of employees, but didnít know where to start? If youíve ever been in any one of these positions, or even one not mentioned? Let us Connect The Dots for you.

We will format any manuscript you need for personal, private or business related issues. We have over 20 years of professional writing experience through law enforcement, and military career fields. We have written exclusive policies for two different law enforcement administrations; as well as numerous other applications.

Our writings have been used in the criminal investigative process, as well as criminal, and civil court proceedings.

All verbal and written communications are researched, and drafted specifically to suit your individual needs and requirements. Our writings are fresh; up-to-date, innovative, mainstream, and most importantly, persuasive.

We Provide Professional, Personalized services, facilitating, negotiating, and resolving conflict, from Personal Correspondences, to Business Policies and Procedures for implementing Preventive Liability Management.

Derrick B. Parreott, Sr.
Founder/CEO NJJAG Affiliate

20 Years Investigative Experience
Excellent Legal Research
Fact Specific Writing
Credible Witness

P.O. Box 564, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Office: (732) 361-7091
Field: (732) 890-1314
Fax: (732) 988-0327

In Business Transactions, Where Honest Practices are employed, Mutual and Lasting Friendships are made.

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