Derrick Parreott, [Retired Police Detective Sergeant], has over twenty years law enforcement experience. Among various assignments, he supervised the Investigative Section; responsible to investigate crimes, from purse snatchings, to burglaries, to robberies and homicides.

He is credited with independently solving 5 homicides; as well as talking down numerous persons from suicide. And is intimately acquainted with investing police misconduct, police brutality and police harassment.

He served as Administrative Training Coordinator, and headed the Internal Affairs Unit. He is noted for exemplary skills conducting investigations; and writing succinct reports.

Between 2002 and 2006 Mr. Parreott exclusively researched and drafted policies, procedures, rules and regulations for two separate, and distinct law enforcement administrations. He has served as confidential aid to a Police Director. Mr. Parreott has been the project manager for two accreditation programs for a law enforcement agency.

Earning a degree in legal studies; from Kaplan University in 2011; Derrick’s greatest interest is in criminal defense work [law]; as he states his law enforcement career has taught him the prosecutorial side of the "Injustice System"; and he now looks forward to tipping the scales of justice in favor of the defendant.

Mr. Parreott takes his stance stalwartly, asserting that many prosecutors do not adhere to the language in State v. Kenny, 128 N.J. Super. 94, 109 (App.Div. 1974), which states: While the prosecutor is permitted a vigorous presentation, his primary obligation is to seek a fair trial. State v. Farrell, 61 N.J. 99, 104 (1972); State v. West, 29 N.J. 327, 338 (1959); State v. Sullivan, 24 N.J. 18, 36 (1957); [*111] State v. Hipplewith, supra. His zeal must be contained within the boundaries of fair play, propriety and the four corners of the indictment. Dunn v. United States, 307 F. 2d 883 (5 Cir. 1952).

Derrick's experience includes:

As a Criminal Defense Analyst, I Self-initiate, and take instruction from attorneys; reviewing police reports; videos, statements, evidence, revisit crime scenes, and conduct interviews of witnesses. Recapitulating statutory elements of crimes, constitutional provisions, Attorney General Guidelines, and Standard Operating Procedures involving criminal investigations, and arrest.

Internal Affairs Supervisor
Polices & Procedures
Administrative Training Coordinator
Risk Management
Investigative Section Supervisor
Robbery/Homicide Supervisor
Field Training Officer
Crime Patterns Analysis

COMSTAT Management
Detective Sergeant
Firearms Instructor
Patrol Division
Regular Police Officer
Class II Special Police Officer
Police Radio Dispatcher

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